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This kit includes one OX Planishing Hammer, three leather covered autobody dollies (may differ slightly from picture), and an extra piece of leather. This kit works extremely well on new and old aluminum projects! Use leather dollies to prevent aluminum from stretching.


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*case not included

* Contact us if you would like a left handed kit.

OX Planishing Hammer Kit / Leather

  • S.B. 9/8/2023

    Sorry for the long post but I just can't say enough about this tool. This tool right here is an ultimate game changer for the automotive restoration industry. Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with the tried and true way of metal finishing that has been around for a 100 plus years. If someone can make a tool that can expedite these methods this is the tool. The car I just finished was a 1 of 1 ever built. The entire car was hand formed so I needed to have all the body panels assembled on the car to remake the flowing shapes of the body. When I saw this miniture hand planishing hammer I was over the moon hoping and excited it ould work like @coachsmithing was s/aying. It truly did, and saved me a tremendous amount on of time so I could meet my deadline which was 2023 Pebble  Beach Concours. I can't thank @coachsmithing enough that he made a tool like this. Dont't hesitate this is a tool you need in your toool box. This is not a promo ad, I just can't thank @coachsmithing enough for this awesome tool!!!


    B.S.S  9/7/2023

     One of the best tools I have in my shop, and the best warranty/customer support that I've ever experienced. It's equally effective on steel. Especially for dialing in those big, low crown panels.


    P.M. 9/24/2022

    I just felt the need to say thank you once again - I've been looking for a very long time for a faster way (especially to work around gas welds on aluminum quickly). Very , very happy to have it !


    G.B. 8/13/2022

     I've been really enjoying the ox it works really well. It's made metal work a breeze. My 67 gto has quite a bit of collision damage and it's made light work of the steel. I really like that I don't have to press hard to get results and it doesn't jar the heck out of my arms like I assumed it would. You did really well with this design.


    P.M. 6/23/2022

     It's about time somebody made something that actually works !


    R. 12/7/2021

    I love the plannishing hammer I bought it about 2 years ago.


    W.T.   11/26/2021

     Hang up your old Milwaukee panel beater and get an Ox Planish hammer from the folks at! This tool is awesome! Just started using it today and it turned a job that takes hours in to a job that takes minutes. Think of it as a power slapper for the detail finish work. Why beat your brains slappen, when you have pneumatics.. Aft section of a 1964 Aston Martin DB-4, easy peezzzyyyy...


    R. & A.H. 9/28/2020

    I'm happy with the hammer, works great.
    Nice job.


    R.B. 5/9/2020

    I have one and they are brilliant, yes they are expensive but worth the money.
    Quality built and after having part of my hand amputated it is one of the more gentle on the body tools to use.
    Love mine!


    J.R. 5/9/2020

    I have one. Needed it to smooth out a panel where a hand held C frame hammer would not work. The long shoe helped transitions to the surrounding profile. I is a great addition to my tool box.


    D.C. 5/9/2020

    It is a tool with which I managed to make special repairs, I am very satisfied with what it can do.


    B.S.S. -/-/-

    If anyone is woundering if it works as well as it appears to, the answer is absolutely yes. It takes a minute to get the hang of it because your hammer hand is on the tool, over the dolly, rather than at the end of a hammer handle. But once you dial it in, you'll wounder how you lived without it.


    M.M. -/-/-

     This thing is amazing! An absolute timesaver.. if you do a lot of metal finishing you need this! Thank you @coachsmithing for producing a first class tool!


    A.H.S. -/-/-

    Absolutely love the results after purchasing this little guy from the artists @coachsmithing!! Thank you for helping us do better finish work!


    -.-.    -/-/-

    During this build I have found my new favorite tool, the #oxplanishinghammer This hammer saved me so much time and energy. I only wish I had gotten it earlier in this project.


    B. -/-/-

    Ok, I'm not getting paid or or even own this Amazing air power hand held planishing hammer !!!!!!!!!!

    One of my good friends suggested I should try his tool out for a while .

    Thanks S.C.

    I'm definitely going to buy one !!!

    If you're a metal person give one a quick spin

    amazing power.

    Adjustable air control it moves some metal fast

    becareful lol!!!!!!!!

    Being truthful I was scared to death of this thing at first but the more it's setting here the more I keep grabbing it an learning what all this tool will do .

    Seams very well built and not to heavy.

    The're worth every penny of the cost.


    S.K. -/-/-

    I recently got my ox hammer and I'm very impressed! Think of it like an pneumatic slap hammer. It came with extra parts and it even had a swivel air fitting already on it. I don't think I've ever bought an air tool that had a fitting on it! It's ready to go right out of the box! I'm still getting the hang of it but so far zero buyers remorse. I've only used it on steel so far but I'm hoping to shape up some aluminum soon! Thanks again @coachsmithing.


    B.S.S. -/-/-

    I finally got to put a few miles o my new handheld #oxplanishinghammer from Allen @coachsmithing and it's definitely worth the hype. That thin,  low crown 22ga panel with a weld seam straight through it takes a lot of work to get it right, and this little hammer is a beautiful thing to have in the holster.


    J.G. -/-/-

    Wow, just bought one for my MGBGT Mk1 project. LOVE IT!!!


    T.W. -/-/-

    I received my OX Planishing Hammer just a few weeks ago, and wish I had it years ago!!! Any body thinking of getting one ? Go agead my friends it is as good as it performs!!! Thank you Alan.

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