This kit includes one OX Planishing Hammer, three leather covered autobody dollies (may differ slightly from picture), and an extra piece of leather. This kit works extremely well on new and old aluminum projects! Use leather dollies to prevent aluminum from stretching.


*case not included

OX Planishing Hammer Kit / Leather

  •   The OX Planisher has been used by Coachsmithing to build and finish panels on many projects including the Delahaye 135,  AC Ace and an original 289 Cobra car (all pictured here). 

    The Cobra panels were sandblasted before we became involved in the project, leaving it with the original dents and damage as well as all the damage and warping etc. that sand blasting will produce on thin aluminum panels. The "OX" handles the job exceptionally well, ironing out problem areas quickly and with ease! Using our unique "Planishing System" we are repairing and planishing the entire body without "pick and filing" and obtaining superior results!


    * Each hammer is assembled and tested " in house".


    * Most of the parts are Manufactured by Coachsmithing in the USA !


    * 30 day money back guarantee.  One Year limited warranty. We stand by our product!


    * Inquire about Custom OX Planisher packages containing hand dollies with leather and plastic covers.


    * Minor changes in appearance of product possible.


    * Product demonstrations for groups and businesses, project consultations and "OX Planishing System" work shops available.


    Watch it in action!!!