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OX Planishing Hammer


                                The OX Planishing Hammer (Patented


Construction: The Ox Planishing Hammer has been developed over a number of years and is the perfect lightweight planishing/production hammer.

  The entire unit is machined and manufactured in-house at Coachsmithing utilizing an existing power unit fitted with our unique heavy-duty high-quality steel power piston for long lasting durability and added power. The same high quality tool steel is custom ground and polished to produce the hammer blade's surface allowing it to manage a variety of tasks.

 Whats included: Each Ox hammer comes with instructions, replacement handle lever, slapper screw, and side "stays".


  Contact Coachsmithing for Replacement Parts.

 Stay tuned for more unique tools from Coachsmithing!

 Overveiw:  The "OX" was developed by Coachsmithing with professional "panel beaters" in mind. If there is a "secret weapon" for sheet metal work and finishing, this is it!  My favorite tool by far! This revolutionary tool saves hours everyday! When working on sheet metal projects, I regularly reach for the OX in preference to standard sheet metal hammers. I am confident you will too. Don't be the last guy to do things the "hard way". Use the Ox Planishing Hammer. - Allen Buresh Owner of Coachsmithing -


  The OX Planisher has been used by Coachsmithing to build and finish panels on many projects including the Delahaye 135,  AC Ace and an original 289 Cobra car (all pictured here). 

The Cobra panels were sandblasted before we became involved in the project, leaving it with the original dents and damage as well as all the damage and warping etc. that sand blasting will produce on thin aluminum panels. The "OX" handles the job exceptionally well, ironing out problem areas quickly and with ease! Using our unique "Planishing System" we are repairing and planishing the entire body without "pick and filing" and obtaining superior results!

* Manufactured from the highest quality materials with Quality and Durability in mind.

* Most of the parts are Manufactured by Coachsmithing in the USA !


* Each hammer is assembled and tested " in house".


* 30 day money back guarantee.  One Year limited warranty. We stand by our product!


* Minor changes in appearance of product possible.


* Product demonstrations for groups and businesses, project consultations and "OX Planishing System" work shops available.


Watch it in action!!!


Why an OX Planishing Hammer?


* Beneficial Industrial Applications: Auto restoration, collision, custom and fabrication shops.  Aviation, motor cycle repair, manufacturing and sheet metal shops.



* Delivers precision blows without bounce back . . .


* Ergonomic. Operates in a comfortable horizontal position. Light weight. Fits in the palm of your hand.


*  Designed to glide over the metal easily producing a high quality finish. Renders traditional "pick and file" metal finishing, (which thins out the metal leaving the panel weaker) obsolete. 


* Use with existing stationary anvils and stakes or hand held auto body dollies.


* Superior planishing of welds, rough formed panels and damaged sheet metal.


* Good for heavy and very light planishing and forming processes. No more pick and file work!


* Easy to master; rapid muscle memory learning curve.


* No awkward and limiting hoop frames and structures used!


* Extremely portable; bring the OX Planishing Hammer to the work project, not the other way around!


* Versatile! Allows operator access to difficult areas and large pieces.


* A huge time saver! Greatly increases production and quality, saving hours daily "by the strength of the Ox" Planishing Hammer (Patent Pending)


*History:  During the past 40 plus years Allen Buresh, owner of Coachsmithing, has been commissioned to re-body and or refurbish classic Ferrari cars as well as Porsche, Delahaye, Cobra, Lotus and others.  As usual, when a refurbishing/ restoration project begins, extensive sheet metal repairs are required. Fabrication and welding in of panels and patches, annealing and straightening of old and tired sheet metal, welding cracks and finally planishing and metal finishing are all part of this exhaustive process. In the past, the standard method of  straightening  and planishing were employed via hammer/slapper and dolly work, then "metal finishing" by means of pick and file work of the entire car which involved an enormous amount of time and labor to achieve the desired high quality finish. During this process, the best planishing results were obtained with the hand held slapper used in conjunction with an auto body dolly. This smoothed and readied the material the quickest and most satisfactorily. While being involved in such a task, the thought of a hand held power planisher came to mind. A unit that could "iron out" wrinkled and damaged sheet metal, without the need to use a pick and file would be wonderful and a "game changer"!


Previously developed "hand held" planishing hammers for such tasks weighed approximately 15 - 25#  and consisted of an air hammer mounted on an alignment hoop that positioned a small anvil under the hammer head, this being fastened on the other end of the hoop and the metal was planished in-between. Allen had an entirely different idea in mind. He created rough drawings that envisioned a small, easy to position, ergonomic, light weight tool, that was independent of hoops.


Several years elapsed and Coachsmithing evolved into a company that did "one offs", rebodies and complete "ground-up" builds of various classic models. While working on a commissioned 250 California spyder SWB aluminum body, he purchased an older hoop style planishing hammer for about $1000. Not knowing what to expect and thinking this could be the "secret weapon" for metal finishing, the hammer was plenty powerful but it proved cumbersome, much too heavy, (using the smallest hoop the unit weighed at least 15 pounds), difficult to control and keep in a position that wouldn't crease and damage the sheet metal. After a few hours and attempts the mission was aborted and the "secret weapon" for metal finishing was posted on ebay and sold to a buyer from France. Soon afterward, we began developing our own planishing hammer based on the aforementioned drawings.  After several more years and prototypes and extensive testing, the patent pending,  OX Planishing Hammer is available! Created by professionals, for professionals and "DIY" in the sheet metal shaping industry.

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