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LIMITED TIME SPECIAL for our returning customers! Contact us for details.


-Twice as powerful

-Extra smooth

-Designed to easily planish 16-18 gauge mild steel and compliments the "Original" Ox planishing hammer in your tool box.

-The slapper blades as well as select parts are directly interchangable with the "Original" Ox Planishing Hammer.

- 30 day money back guarantee. One Year limited warranty. We stand by our products!




                   The "Original" Ox :                    The Heavy Duty Ox:

Weight:   Approx: 4lb                                  Approx: 5lb

Height:    Approx: 3.75"                              Approx: 5.5"

Power:     Designed for aluminum         Designed for 16-18ga

                   automotive steel.                      mild steel.




Heavy Duty Ox Planishing Hammer

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