Allen Buresh
Proprietor and Master Craftsman

For more than 30 years Allen has been swinging his hammers to sculpt aluminum.  You'd think he would be buff by now, but that's what aging does to you.  When he isn't painstakingly smoothing out a curvy body panel he generously donates his time to noble charitable causes such as lobbying to get "Eating" included as an Olympic sport and banning Sasquatch hunting during summer months.  The father of 10, Allen knows a thing or two about life in general, and specifically.  Anyone who knows Al knows that he is dependable and a man of his word... and he doesn't like Pugs.  If they made a T-shirt that said "Fueled by Diet Coke" he'd have one and wear it every day but Sunday.

Robert Frost
Conceptual Structuring

No, not the poet.  This is Robert Frost, the philosopher.  Robert is responsible for setting the philosophical tone of the conversation in the shop.  When that doesn't work he just makes a lot of noise.  The senior member of the shop, and known for his propensity to hoard tools and make dust, we can always count on Robert to let us know if something is a quarter of an inch out of square.  He's pretty good with the welder also, but he seems to prefer using the angle grinder.  When he isn't working, you can find Robert working.  Robert has designed and built his own portable sawmill that can handle pretty much anything smaller than a century-old redwood.  I'm sure he'd be happy to show you some pictures if you ask him nicely.

Jared Reisenweber
Functional Analyst

If there is a reason something won't work, Jared knows it.  A self-proclaimed "realist" (pessimist in denial), he is just the sort of person you want to hate because he is always right.  On first glance his unassuming nature and youthfulness belies the depth of his experience.  Both a wood guy and a metal guy, Jared can be just as happy blacksmithing with his forge and anvil as he is building furniture in his shop.  His passion for suspension geometrics is sure to dampen any party, and try not to smile when he tells you about his UFO experience.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jonathan Shore
Resident Engine Artist

Jonathan is the founder of Engine Theology, the key tenet of which is "The Intake is the Crown of the Engine."  His mission is to expose the heresy of ugly engines.  As an Engine Artist his primary responsibilities are part Chaplain and part Janitor.  He is able to find and obtain anything necessary to get the job done due to his life's motto: "What would Jack Ruby do?"  Voted most likely to be maimed in a shop accident, his innate expendability makes him well-suited for working with solvents and anything else that can kill you... or your brain cells.  If you find him on the floor, it is likely that he didn't fall down.  The floor is just a big work bench.  After all, "Nothing falls off the floor."  As guardian of the radio, he is careful to prevent the accidental hearing of country western music, and demands silence when Karen Carpenter is singing.

Seriously, each one is well-experienced and brings a unique skill set to the shop.  What makes it even better is that we enjoy working together, and we guarantee that you will enjoy working with us also.