Coachsmithing is able to build your commissioned project no matter what it is.  Below are some examples of the worlds most coveted automobiles.

1939 Delahaye 165

Figoni & Falaschi built two of these cars -- one for the 1938 Paris Motor Show and the other for the 1939 World Fair in New York.  The Paris car had Delahaye's V12 racing engine and was the pinnacle of beauty and power.  The New York car was displayed without an engine installed due to time constraints.  World War II broke out, and this car was seized by U.S. Customs.  After the war is was sold in the U.S. and the new owner fitted it with a Cadillac 346 flat head V8.  In the 1980s it was restored and fitted with the Delahaye V12 it was originally intended to have.

1935 Delahaye 135 MS Competition Court

Also by Figoni & Falaschi, this Delahaye 135 coupe was the first hard top version built by the designers.  It features Delahaye's 3.6 liter straight six engine with a trio of Solex carburetors.

1936 Delahaye 135 MS Torpedo Cabriolet

Figoni & Falaschi built only 11 of these striking two-tone cabriolets, and only 2 of them are known to be in existence today.  Like the Competition Court, this car is powered by a 3.6 liter straight six engine with three Solex carburetors.

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic

The Atlantic has been called by many the World's First Supercar.  With its "S" sport suspension and its "C" super-charged inline 8 cylinder engine it was capable of 123 mph.  The original magnesium-alloy bodied prototype only solicited 3 orders at the 1935 Paris Motor Show, and these three production models were built with aluminum bodies for safety and to keep the cost down.

1935 Duesenberg SJ Speedster - "Mormon Meteor"

Built by Ab Jenkins as a salt flats race car this Duesenberg has been called "the most significant American car ever built."  The 7 liter supercharged DOHC straight eight engine put out 400 horsepower and carried this car in 1936 to a record setting average speed of over 153 mph in a 24 hours race.  Ab Jenkins would later ride his racing fame to become the mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Roadster

This is the car that dominated racing in 1955.  As many as 10 chassis were built by Mercedes and none of them were sold to the public. 2 of them were built as gull-wing coupes, but the rest of them were roadsters with the exception of the 10th which was never completed.  The power train was a marvel of engineering.  The engine was a slant eight made of two 4-cylinder block castings with integral heads and one-piece connecting rods.  Output from the engine was directed perpendicular to the block between both castings and directed via a driveshaft between the drivers feet to a gear box in the rear of the car.  This engine produced an astounding 2hp/cubic inch.

1930 Mercedes-Benz 710 SSK Trossi Roadster

With intentional design reminiscent of early aircraft this stunning car features a massive 7 liter straight six engine with a "kompressor" that develops 300 horsepower and 507 lb.ft. of torque. 

1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe

For decades now these cars have been recognized for their style and elegance as well as their sporty handling.  Coveted by collectors, a clean original specimen will fetch more than $500,000.

1958 Ferarri 250 GT California Spyder

Quite possible the world's most collectible Ferrari, it has been cherrished for its excellent proportions, subtle curves and true sports car feel.

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder

Only 50 of these sports cars were built.
  It is perhaps most well known as the car that actor James Dean was driving at the time of his fatal crash.